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Genetic Transformation

Our lab has developed genetic transformation pipelines for the following species:

  • Petunia (Mitchell)

  • Tobacco (all genotypes)

  • Tomato (most genotypes)

  • Potato (Solalum tuberosome L. cv. ‘Russet Burbank")

  • Chili Pepper (Red Rocket)

  • Sweet Pepper ( California Wonder and other commercial varieties) 

  • Brasscia Family ( B. rapa cv. Bok Choy, cv. pekinensis, B.napus, Brassica oleracea var. italica) 

  • Snapdragon (JI7, SIPPE50, and some potted commercial  varieties)

  • Lettuce (all genotypes)

  • Grape (V. vinifera cv. ‘Thompson Seedless’)

  • Soybean (Willams82)

Other services: 

  • protocol development for micropropagation

  • protocol development for genetic transformation

For genetic transformation (overexpression and silencing) and gene editing: T1 segregated seeds from T0 plants will be recommended for research purposes. Only our own plasmid will be used for some species such as pepper and snapdragon; for other plant species, our plasmid will be also highly recommended. 

Please contact Dr. Huo for any collaboration or service request. 

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